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JFX316 merch now @ Cafepress.com [Nov. 15th, 2006|12:50 am]
Dayton Musicians


hello again.

in response to a lack of motivation around here, we've set up a Cafe Press merch site called Telepathik. (imagine that) we figured that it been a while since there's been any JFX related gear out there for you all wanting to rep Mr. FX, so we're trying it out. as of now, there's only the one design, the new J-UNIT logo.
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cool,huh? we think so. we've got some more ideas brewing. hopefully, with enough time, some support and a better photo editing system (mircosoft digital image suite sucks hard) we'll be uploading more designs in due time. there could be a myspace site sooner then later. we know how you kids love the myspace.

new music has been put on the backburner until we get some new toys in the lab, get some money saved to get the label off the ground and until the PS3 comes out. yeah, even electronic music nerds such as myself have to buy non musical entertainment every now and then. starting in 2007 will be a great way to start the year fresh.

the "Who is JFX316" LP's tentative release date is august 29th 2007. a full three years after the release of "the ethics of human cloning" LP. hey, at least we're realistic......

thanks for your support. we'll see you soon.
J. and the Telepathik crew

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