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[Jun. 12th, 2007|04:31 pm]
Dayton Musicians


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telepathik (web)records

a grouping of musical projects and collaborations featuring J.Whittaker. current projects: JFX316, Acupuncture, DJ ANAL sex, invisible wounds and other spoken word projects. based out of yellow springs, Ohio.

we started up on blogspot. not the best or most ambitious, but it gets the music out there. if your into good, creative music and like hearing music out of the realm of the normal 4/4 on the floor electronic music that only tv ads for cars can bring you, please check us out.

the first release from telepathik will be JFX316's The Ethics of Human Cloning" LP version 2. a remastered version of JFX316's first LP with the new remix EP "Recloning Process." with remixes by Acupuncture, b-sides and new track not heard yet. it should go live sometime this week. for more info, please check out our website and/or JFX316's myspace site. (http://www.myspace.com/jfx316)

telepathik: we don't sell music. no one buys music nowadays anyway.